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    Official Contest Rules. Please read!


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    Official Contest Rules. Please read! Empty Official Contest Rules. Please read!

    Post by Bunny on Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:15 am

    Hi everyone! I know you all want to participate in contests, but we have some rules for you to do so!

    Please keep in mind that you can be banned from contests if you do not abide by these rules or continually break them.

    1. Please do not scam or cheat. This includes, but is not limited to, making multiple accounts so you can enter numerous times, getting advanced details from a host, etc.

    2. Play Fair! We want all members to have a chance at winning.

    3. No begging/bribing judges. This is considered cheating and will result in consequences.

    4. Please be a good sport and winner. No one likes to see a bragging winner or a sore loser.

    5. Don't give up if you suspect someone's is better than yours. You never know. The judge/host may like yours better!

    6. Codes as prizes are NOT allowed and will result in severe consequence.

    7. Please have fun. That's what contests are all about!

    Each time a rule is broken a warning will be administered. This depends on the rule that was broken. Not every rule will have a consequence/warning.

    Here is a list of the order & what will happen with warnings.

    1. Warning:
    2. Warning: Warning through profile message or post on thread.
    3. Warning: Warning through private message.
    4. Warning: Infraction.
    5. Warning: Banning from Contest section for 2 days.
    6. Warning: Banning from forum for ? amount of days. Depending on what the staff member dealing with issues thinks is appropriate.

    Thanks for reading and good luck!

    ~Webkinz Office Staff

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