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    Gift Exchange Rules


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    Gift Exchange Rules Empty Gift Exchange Rules

    Post by Bunny on Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:40 am

    Please be sure that you are familiar with all GE policies. Breaking of the rules will result in consequence.


    1. Please be fair and don't scam. Anyone caught scamming will be banned from trading for ? amount of days and added to Scammers List.

    2. All trading must take place in the trade area. Any trading through pm's is not acceptable. Staff & Gift Genie's can trade through pm's. All violators will be dealt with.

    3. Please respect all offers and trades. Do not make rude remarks about someone having only common items. It's rude.

    4. If you see a member using improper language and/or values please flag the post.

    5. Only one trade thread is allowed per member. Multiple threads will be merged or deleted.

    6. Bumping is allowed, but please be discrete.

    7. Please be sure of your trades before completing them. ALL trades are final and cannot be undone.

    8. Please do not whine/beg. Members will trade if they feel comfortable with the trade. DO NOT force members to do a trade with you. This will result in severe consequence.

    9. Estore codes are allowed although you must PM the code[s] and they must be unused and correct codes. This is known as scamming and you will be dealt with alongside being added to the Scammers List.

    10. All items that are traded must be edited out of the thread or marked as traded. You may also post the members username beside it if needed.

    11. You CANNOT have multiple accounts. This goes against numerous rules and will be dealt with. ALL multiple accounts will be deleted.

    12. If you want a new GE please pm a staff member to close it and you can go ahead an create a new one. If you would like your thread closed for any period of time please pm a staff member to do so.

    13. You ARE responsible for YOUR GE. Please keep it updated. Also if you do not have an item or code at all or yet DO NOT list it.

    Again, all violators will be dealt with!

    ~Webkinz Office Staff

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