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    Webkinz Office Rules *Please read!*


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    Webkinz Office Rules *Please read!* Empty Webkinz Office Rules *Please read!*

    Post by Bunny on Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:49 am

    Please read over these rules! These will be enforced to ensure a safe environment for all members!

    1. No swearing. There are young children on this site. Please keep it PG. Suck[s] is allowed. No bad images or language will be tolerated. All images or language that are deemed inappropriate will be edited. 2 warnings before severe consequence.

    2. Please do not be rude to members. We want all members to feel welcome! 2 warnings before severe consequence.

    3. Please only have 1 Webkinz Office account. If multiple accounts are created you will be banned. NO warnings.

    4. Please do not scam in trades. We have a safe trading system if more valuable items are being dealt with. We want all members to get their items! Any member caught scamming/attempting to scam will be banned!

    5. Please do not trade in pm's or outside of the trading area. Only gift genie's may trade in pm's. 2 warnings before severe consequences.

    6. Please post in the correct section. We want to keep Webkinz Office organized!

    7. If you are younger than 13 please have parental permission before joining Webkinz Office. If you are 13 or older you may join without permission.

    8. Please do not post in red or blue as these colors are reserved for administrators and moderators. Thank you! You will receive 2 warnings before any severe consequences.

    9. Please do not edit quotes. Our forum gives members the opportunity to quote other users. Editing quotes is not acceptable. You will receive 2 warnings before severe consequences.

    10. Please get any and all Youtube links approved by a staff member. Any link posted that is not approved will be deleted.

    11. If you see a post that is rude or inappropriate please use the "report" button to report it to a staff member.

    12. Please do not spam. [i.e. sldoelkjfosfjlapel]

    13. Please do not bring politics into conversations. This could lead to arguments which we do not want or need.

    14. Please do not reveal any personal information [i.e. last name, age, school, grade, address, state, city, etc.] Also no matter what age you are you may not post a picture of yourself.

    WebkinzOffice.com reserves the right to edited these rules at any time. We will try to notify all members of any edits. Thank you for understanding. Have fun!

    ~Webkinz Office Staff
    Queen Chelsey

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    Webkinz Office Rules *Please read!* Empty Re: Webkinz Office Rules *Please read!*

    Post by Queen Chelsey on Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:45 am

    Don't be rude ever..Do not argue with the Staff and If you PM any Administrator telling them to demote Someone,You will be banned..Thanks for Understanding

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